Story Submission for Moonlight Fiction

Please use the following Submission Format Guidelines when submitting a story to the
Moonlight Fiction Archive

First, and most importantly
(so that your email doesn't get thrown out with the spider-bot-generated SPAM)
in the SUBJECT BOX of your email,
please use the label
Fiction Submission to Moonlight Fiction


To help us catalogue the stories and put them in the right Genres etc, please put the following identifiers in before the main body of the story. The Genre, Rating and Content labels are explained further down the page

Title -
Author -
Genre -
Rating -
Content -

for example

Title - A Gift of Three
Author - Wolfkin
Genre - ST: TNG
Rating - U
Content - HET


Title - A Gift of Wine
Author - Wolfkin
Genre - ORIG Sci-Fi
Rating - 18
Content - HET


The Genre is the particular fandom of the story that you are submitting. For most fandoms this will be very easy, however, some movies and television series have had "spin-offs" that have been as popular, if not more popular than the original. Examples that spring immediately to mind are CSI, Star Trek and Stargate. Please clearly label the fandom, although longer names can be shortened - eg

CSI: Vegas Original CSI series
CSI: Miami CSI: Miami
CSI: NY CSI: New York
SG Stargate (the movie)
SG-1 Stargate SG-1 TV series
SG-Atlant Stargate Atlantis
StarTrek Classic StarTrek Original Series
ST:TNG StarTrek: The Next Generation
ST:DS9 StarTrek Deep Space 9
ST:VOY StarTrek: Voyager
ST StarTrek:
TCoR The Chronicles of Riddick
Buffy Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Alternatively, you may have written a story that is not based on any movie, TV series, book or game, but involves original characters created by yourself. In this case, please use ORIG/ and the type of story eg
ORIG/Romance Original Story - Romance
ORIG/Sci-Fi Original Story - Science Fiction
ORIG/Fantasy Original Story - Fantasy

This website uses a scaled down version of the ratings currently used by the British Board of Film Classification, adapted here to apply to fanfiction. This is in keeping with the BBFC's recent suggestions (June 2006) that their ratings be used as a guide to the suitability of internet content. The BBFC has suggested a voluntary certification scheme, comparable to its categories for films, which would warn users about graphic sex, violence and foul language.

The categories used on the index in this site are:-


Suitable for all. Little if any sex or violence, minimum use of none graphic swear words.


Suitable for over 15s only. May contain scenes of a sexual or violent nature together with sexual swear words.


Only suitable for persons aged 18 years or over. Containing graphic scenes of sex and/or violence


Please use the following to give a guide as to what "sexual" pairings you have written about in your story - eg a Star Trek: Voyager story about Tom Paris and Belanna Torres in which they only kissed passionately would be HET but might still have a U rating.


no pairings


male/female pairing


same sex pairings


real person fiction based on an actor or celeb


real person fiction based on an actor or celeb in a same sex pairing

Finally, if all else fails or if we have totally confused you, please email our Submission Pixie and ask for some clarification. Our Pixie will happily email you back, hopefully with something that makes more sense!

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